Saturday, November 8, 2008


Looking back at the lessons and tasks completed for this module, there were really a lot! Effective communication, process of job application, research report and presentation were the main parts that were covered in this module.

Previously, I took another module related to effective communication. I found that both modules are very similar initially as we learnt about how effective communication can be achieved. Doing things like understanding a matter from others' point of views, speaking in the correct tone and using the correct non-verbal language are what affect effective communication. The main difference between these two modules is that this module introduces blogging as part of the communication process. I find that it is very relevant as most of the people nowadays like to communicate in the virtual space, which definitely includes blogging. Furthermore, there were a few blog topics which spark some really good conversations online between the classmates. It was a good chance to know one another better and the class definitely bonded better!

My overall learning experience was great as the things that we learnt are very applicable to real life. As this is my final year of study in NUS and I am going to apply for jobs the coming year, the learning process of job application was very useful to me. I hope that my cover letter and resume can get me a good job in this bad economy! Similarly, the research project was also an experience to gain as we went through the steps to conduct a good survey and to present a report.

Lastly, I am very glad to have Brad as our lecturer, and all the very friendly classmates! Thanks all for the guidance and help that was provided along this journey! :)

EDITED on 9 November 2008


~Jun Yen~ said...

Hi Angeline

I totally agree on you on the usefulness of this module on job application. Applying for a job or anything for that matter is going to be a constant part of our career and therefore learning it properly without going through a lot of trial and error has really help. Plus, this will boost my confidence when i actually apply for a job. =)

xin yi said...

Hey Angeline!

Wow what previous module were you refering to?

Anyway, I love how blogging was incorporated into this module. It's so relevant, because like you've said, everyone is so attached to the cyberspace.

haha. And don't worry, I'm sure you will be able to find a job you love in this time of economy downturn. Perhaps the economy will not be so bad when it's your turn to step into the workforce? haha.

All the best Angeline for your final year!

Angeline said...

Yo Jun Yen!

I can sense your confidence when I was your job interviewer. :p Keep it up!

Angeline said...

Yo Xin Yi!

Oh I was referring to GEK1006! If you get the same tutor as I did for that module, you won't regret taking it as well because it is also very interactive and we all had fun in the class! Anyway, thanks for your comfort! I think I need all the luck that I can get for lab!

something fishie said...

Hey girl,

I agree that there were really a lot of tasks done for this module. It is also true that the cover letter and resume is VERY useful indeed! Haha.. You know what I mean. ;p Anyway, thank you for being an excellent project mate too!! Yippie!

joyce said...

Ooops. Wrong account. Hahaha.. The something fishie was me.

Pei Rong said...

Yo Angeline,

GEK1006 was good? Did you get Dr Vasoo as your lecturer? Maybe your tutor wasn't him. Well, I don't really like that module. You can probably see it from the photo!! hahahaha...

Es2007S is so much better than GEK1006. ES is something which you can relate to because its so real! It is also very useful especially for some of our classmates who are graduating soon.. That includes you!! Hey, do you remember, I was your interviewer! you did a great job, just that you have to pretend that you don't know me and JunRong! :)

I agree with Xinyi that you would definitely be able to find a good job! Don't forget to treat us to lunch when you become a rich woman while we are still studying like zombies in NUS!!

joyce said...

Woah girl, after leaving comments on Wei Kwan's blog, I realised I have the same thing in mind as you, which is to TRY and comment on everyone's blog! LOL. 默契!默契!

Eileen said...

Hey Angeline!

Haha, I beg to differ that GEK1006 is as interesting as ES2007S. I think it's because in ES we meet 2 times per week and this really increased our interactions in class, wheareas for that module we only meet twice per month, so even though the tutorial you meet fun people, you do not get to interact with them that often, and whenever I went to the same tutorial class, I felt like I was going to meet new people everytime.

Anw, just in case you never see my last blog post reply, I wanted to say that I knew it was just an act during the mock interview! I don't really take it to heart about you giving me the stern look! Haha, and it was a great experience to future job interview!

Glad to know you through this module! We must take a group photo on fri k?=D

Tiffany said...

Hey angeline!

*chants* group photo! group photo! Class lunch! class lunch!

I think blogging has played a huge part in making this module interesting. Especially since cyber communication is on the rise, blogging definitely develops cyber-understanding and it allows you to freely express your thoughts too!

Oh I would like to commend on your group's project. Despite the huge problem your group has faced, I felt that it was a job well done after listening to your group's presentation yesterday! Kudos!

As a Chemistry major myself, I am truly glad we all took this module because it takes our minds off the 3 letter word : LAB.

I wish u all the best in your final year!

Lyon said...

Hello Angel,

It was so funny when I first saw you in class because that scene back in RV just popped right back into my mind! It was such a drama thing that somehow it just stayed in my brain longer than any LSM facts ever did! I thought that only happens in Ou Xiang Ju haha!!!

Anyway I am utterly impressed with the fact that you all managed to produce such a high-quality project despite all the problems your team faced. Must have been tough on you especially now that you should be focusing on your honours project.

Now that suddenly we have to call it an end to our weekly meet-up sessions (I don't really consider it lessons), I feel a slight tinge of nostalgia. without realising it, I have grew attached to the idea of coming for the sessions. It has been so fun! I can still hear Sammy's "yah that's a good suggestion" ringing in my head!

Anyway do not worry too much about the bad economy right now. Focus on enjoying your remaining time in NUS! It's the last phase of your life as a student! (unless you're considering masters or PhD) I wish you all the best in everything!

Your Group's Saviour

Angeline said...


let me reply one by one! hahahaa.. :)

Angeline said...

Dear always-my-project mate,

YESH! i know what you mean Hahaa! Probably something good will happen to us ;)

Angeline said...

Dear Pei Rong,

I think I got a better tutor than Vasoo for GEK1006 :p Seriously, his lectures are ... u know ... haa. I'm glad to hear that I did well for my mock interview! Probably because you guys were too nice and didn't ask the really mean questions (like what lyon asked you! hee..) If I really become rich woman, I'll come back treat you sleepers to lunch! :p

Angeline said...

Dear Eileen!

I'm glad to have known all of you people too! :) There's just such a bond in our class! Group photos on Friday! Ohh, do we need to arrange a colour code??? Haa.. :)

Angeline said...

Hey Tiffany!

Thanks! So glad we made through the presentation! :) Enjoy the years of chemistry! You might find your passion in it!

Angeline said...

Dear Savior!

THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR LAPTOP! Like seriously! If not, my presentation would be so not interesting! And, can you please don't remind me of my foolish acts when young! Hahaa, you are really terrible. Use your memory on LSM stuffs, really! :p I totally agree that the lessons are fun! And we can just speak our minds as if we are not really having lessons, totally cool module. :)

p.s. i realise you call me by my nickname, angel!!! it's like, how come people from RV will just automatically call me angel! :p

Lyon said...

Hi Angel!

Aiya Angeline too long le la and Angel sounds so much nicer! Change name change name! Yah I also can't remember what happened, just remember you erm erm and he erm erm.... I hope our lesson will end early on Friday if not I won't be able to join the class for lunch. I have lab at 2 on the last day of school?!?!

Wei Kwan said...

Hey Angel !

I have exactly the same sentiments as Lyon. Angeline is a great name though a bit long lah. Angel sounds great ! :) I reckon it's my last chance to tell you this. Haha. Maybe you should introduce yourself as Angel next time. I think you will need a halo over your head :p

Sammy said...

Hi Angeline, Thanks for being my blogging buddy also, it had been a good experience working with you. All the best for the coming exam. :>

Hui Xuan said...

Hi Angeline,

wow, you really have a lot of comments. I shall add on to the number of comments you have. LOL!

I agree with you that blogging has really allow us to know each other better.

Anyway, Angeline or Angel. I still think Angeline sounds nicer! LOL. Thanks for the advice you have given me on presentation (:

All the best for your FYP and exams!

Xiuwen said...

Hey secret lover!!

Let us exercise our telepathic skills for tomorrow's tutorial! =P

Yes! Don't worry about the bad economy! I am sure that you will be able to find a job after reading that you did well for the mock interview!

I will surely miss those times where we will laugh over things that are just simply funny and comical! Hahaha =)

All the best secret lover!

Brad Blackstone said...

Thanks, Angeline, for this final post. It has certainly stimulated lots of interaction! 13 comments! Wow!

I'm glad that you think the course has helped you. It's interesting that you write that the other communication module you took was similar, but different in a few key ways. I'm glad the blogging suited you.

What I notice is that, slowly but surely through the term, you did seem to sparkle more. I could see it in your eyes! Is that because as you became more familiar with us, you let your defensive guard down? Or was it something else?

In any case, thanks for all your effort, for your fine teamwork and for your....yes, your sparkle! That definitely becomes you.

Angeline said...

Dear Brad,

Hahaa.. Yeps, normally I take time to "warm up" with people I'm not familiar with :) This module has been great! Thanks a lot for your guidance! :)